• Case study: Papa John's Pizza

    Forteon's Technology team have been hosting the online ordering platform for Papa John’s Pizza UK for over 15 years. Our partnership is as strong as ever

  • advanced hosting solutions

    With more and more customers ordering pizzas online, it is vital that the hosting platform has the highest levels of stability and performance


    As of 2017, Papa John’s UK has approximately 350 stores nationwide, and expanding by an additional 50 per annum


    Back in 2002, Papa John’s initially engaged with Forteon's tech team and asked if we could provide a hosting solution that would allow pizza ordering online (as consumer trends were gradually shifting from traditional telephone and in-store ordering to the Internet). Our team of architects and engineers provided a bespoke solution that has evolved and scaled but is still in use today.


    Since those early days, online ordering has grown exponentially with more and more orders coming in from the website and smartphone apps. We continue to work closely with both Papa John’s directly and their marketing agencies to ensure that their Web hosting solution scales and adapts to demand. That initial server deployment has been constantly evolved to incorporate the latest technologies. The current 4th generation deployment remains the best in its class with full redundancy/resilience and backed up with major investment in our core infrastructure

    Forteon Support

    We believe that business relationships work best when there is a consistent communication in place. The same expert team of Forteon engineers who carried out the initial design and deployment of Papa John’s hosting platform are the same team that provide the ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support today


    Forteon's team provide Papa John's with both a dedicated 24/7/365 priority support line along with a permanent telephone conferencing room facility, allowing key members (both UK and abroad) of Papa John's, Marketing Agencies and the Forteon Team to liaise when required

    What our team say

    “As Papa John’s has grown, so has the solution. Our bespoke design takes advantage of innovations in hardware and virtualisation technologies providing resilience, scalability and performance, specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. For any rapidly growing business, supplier management is a distraction best minimised - Forteon continually monitor and manage the solution for Papa John’s, allowing them to concentrate on their core activity. To best meet the ongoing needs of the business we work very closely with both Papa John’s management and the website development team to ensure a consistent approach. The online hardware platform is fully redundant and resilient with no single points of failure and we are pleased that this solution is used as a template as Papa John’s expand into other territories around the world.”


    - Adam, Chief Cloud Architect for Forteon

    Join Forteon

    Whether you are looking to take your business to the next level or you are a separate agency requiring a solution for your client, talk to our team today where we can discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. With our extensive range of fully managed cloud, connectivity and support solutions, we can tailor make the perfect package for you


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