On Boxing Day 2004, when the Tsunami ocurred, the Disasters Emergency Committee became the primary organisation for donations. Rapid upscaling of the hosting platform was needed to cope with the demand, so Forteon's team stepped up to the mark


    A race against the clock on Boxing Day


    The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) brings together 13 leading UK aid agencies to raise money at times of humanitarian crisis in poorer countries.


    Forteon was already providing a hosting solution for the DEC website, though on Boxing Day 2004 the Tsunami hit Asia, triggering a major humanitarian crisis.


    As well as mass media coverage, the DEC launched television and telephone campaigns for donations, meaning the website was now more important than ever to channel donations towards the relief work.

    Rapid Reaction

    The DEC's hosting strategy at the time had not quite envisaged the huge traffic demands on the website that followed the tsunami. This posed a potential issue, with possible website unavailability or slow loading issues that could mean that online donations might not be processed. Failure was not an option for the Forteon technology team.


    That same Boxing day our dedicated team were recalled from the festive break and immediately put together an upgrade strategy. Our engineers worked constantly to deploy the new optimised Web build, not only upgrading the hosting server infrastructure, but streamlining the website code and databases as well.

    The Results

    We were proud to report that throughout the appeal our Web hosting platforms remained 100% available, allowing the DEC to achieve a new Guinness World Record with the largest amount of donations received online in a 24 hour period


    In total, the DEC raised a total of £392,000,000.

    Join Forteon

    It's not just organisations like the DEC that can face sudden changes to infrastructure requirements. Any business can experience issues that require a rapid response, which is why it is vital that your provider has the ability to react. By joining with the team at Forteon, you acquire a strategic IT partner.


    Fully managed solutions, the ability for rapid strategy/deployment and an expert team.


    Forteon has you covered whatever the scale of your problem.


    Contact us today to discuss your requirements and any other queries you may have


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