• Premium wired solutions

    Our advanced range of ultra fast broadband solutions to suit any requirement


    Up to 24Mbps


    Traditional broadband utilising your existing telephone line (copper line required, which Forteon can supply)


    Ideal for low to mid usage requirements, such as general browsing and email, or as a secondary connectivity option



    Up to 80Mbps


    High speed broadband over fibre optic cables to the street or your premises. Forteon supply both standard Fibre (up to 40Mbps) or our recommended high speed Fibre (up to 80Mbps)


    Ideal for both mid and high level usage for multiple users, including VoIP telephones and streaming



    Guaranteed 1000Mbps


    A dedicated 1:1 private connection directly to your business


    Ideal for even the most demanding level of usage, including financial trading software



    Utilising the latest in dish and antenna based technologies, with speeds rivalling fibre solutions but without the need for under-the-street cabling outside.


    Click here for full info on our Temporary Internet access solutions



    Up to 25Mbps


    Connectivity available anywhere in the world


    Ideal for temporary internet connectivity, rural locations where other wireless and wired options are unavailable


    3G & 4G

    Up to 40Mbps


    We can provide fully monitored 4G Connectivity with Static IP and full security and logistical control powered over the proven mobile standards delivered via private APN into the core of our network


    Ideal for backup internet, temporary internet service or companies requiring a rapid deployment and setup (next day)



    Up to 1000Mbps


    Dedicate and shared dish Ultra high speed internet, providing coverage to the capital


    Ideal for companies looking for fibre speeds or greater, but without the inconvenience (or risk) or relying on underground cabling


  • Forteon Connection Benefits

    With various "mass market" ISPs providing broadband options, what makes Forteon Technology solutions stand out?

    Fully Managed Service


    All our solutions are monitored and maintained by our in-house team and governed by our industry leading SLA.


    As well as ensuring that your solutions are always delivering optimal performance, our experienced team is on-hand to assist with any queries that you may have.


    No Speed Restrictions


    Designed for full performance and no restrictions. Featuring both ultra-low contention and latency levels as standard, Forteon fully managed connectivity is the solution of choice for even the most demanding requirements.


    Trusted by companies such as Amazon and Caffè Nero, our connectivity solutions are available for your business as well.


    High Availability & Resilience


    Exceptional uptime and performance across our connectivity range.


    With Forteon engineers having direct access to exchange, both the response and recovery times in the event of an issue are significantly expedited.


    Wholly Owned Core Network & Routing


    Our customer connections terminate in the core of our network. We manage BGP routing, our own IP address ranges and can blend and load balance across all our communication technologies. Direct to the heart of our secure managed network. For ultimate end-to-end control, resillience and uptime.



    Contact us today to discuss your requirements and any other queries you may have

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