• What does Cyber Security mean to you?

    Can you 100% guarantee the security and physical

    location of your company data storage ?


    Does everyone in your organisation know how to identify a fraudulent email, even when it looks like it has been sent from a legitimate and even known email address?


    Do you operate a password management policy, ensuring your team are not using duplicate or weak passwords?


    Do you control your users running approved, secure applications and keep your IT systems up to date ?


    Are you aware of, or have you brought in policies to ensure compliance regarding the strict GDPR regulations on data storage and security due to take effect in 2018?


    Do you know what the biggest cyber security threats facing businesses over the next few years are?



    If you answered NO to any of the above questions, speak to Forteon and get your business protected. Apply now for our free audit using the form above.

  • Is your business sitting on a powder keg?

    Many businesses are only fully aware of the enormous damage

    and costs involved until after they have experienced a major

    incident such as data compromise or a virus outbreak.


    For many this is simply too late and the financial
    implications and brand damage can be unrecoverable

    especially with the imminent GDPR compliance requirements.


    Having Forteon Proactive User Support in place puts in safeguards

    and protection to keep your business as safe as possible.

    Slow COMPUTERS: inconvenience or WARNING SIGN?

    Slow running machines and programs cost businesses an average

    of five working days in lost resource each year per user*


    But why is that workstation running slowly? Is it ageing hardware, or could it be an infected machine now running malicious programs in the background?


    * Data from a study commissioned by SanDisk of 8000 PC users

    THE BENEFITS OF A coordinated response team

    Our fully managed Proactive Support provides an effective service to maintain your IT Security, restructuring (and often reducing) your current ad hoc or reactive IT expenditure (CapEx) into a predictable fixed, monthly

    amount (OpEx) that can be incorporated into your budget.


    No more shocks mid-way into your financial year with unexpected and off-budget charges from contractors, out-of-warranty issues with vendors or loss of sales following other unplanned (but preventable) outages and faults.


    Our Cyber Security White Paper contains essential information about what businesses need to be aware of including: The biggest threats facing businesses in the coming years; How you must prepare for the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or face significant fines; and other key information.


    Contact us today to discuss your security requirements or any other queries you may have

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    What our security specalists hear the most

    "Only big corporations and businesses get attacked"


    Over 74% of small to medium enterprises surveyed admitted to a confirmed security breach, with Ransomware outbreaks topping the bill

    "As long as I have an up-to-date Virus Checker installed, I'll be safe"


    Software provides a valuable security layer, however there will be a human element somewhere down the line, which attackers are now exploiting

    "I have an Apple Mac. They can't get viruses"


    Mac users were a minority compared to PC users, so the creators of viruses went after the larger target. However, with more users opting for Mac over PC (and the popularity of iPhones and iPads), Apple users are a bigger target than ever

    "Security is something the IT department handles"


    Training is essential for everyone. From connecting pen drives, opening attachments, visiting suspect websites, clicking "later" when there's a prompt to install updates - all have responsibilities


    "I've already had a security audit"


    A one-off audit is only the beginning. To be properly secure you need a permanent set of policies and systems that are constantly reviewed to stay one step ahead of attackers

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